Pioneer Academies Community Trust

Foundation 1 - Long Term Plan

Adult initiated topics to engage children’s interest and inform spontaneous child led planning. (Subject to change)

Autumn 1


Who are the famous animals in my books?

·         Who ate the gingerbread man?

·         What’s at the top of the beanstalk?

·         Who ate all the porridge?

·         Who is going to help the little red hen?

·         Did the Billy Goats Gruff make it over the bridge?

·         Which pig has the strongest house?

·         Is there room on the broom for me?


Celebrations: Harvest and Halloween

Autumn 2


What is there to celebrate?

·         What have you celebrated recently?

·         When is your Birthday?

·         What do you wear at a wedding?

·         Who gets christened?

·         What happens at Christmas time?

·         Who is in the Nativity story?

·         Why is Christmas so exciting?


Celebrations: Bonfire night and Christmas

Spring 1


Who lives in my house?

·         Who lives with you?

·         Are all homes the same?

·         What can we do to be safe at home?

·         How have houses changed?

·         Who lives in a castle?



Spring 2


Who helps to take care of me?

·         Who is in my family?

·         Who looks after us at school?

·         Who can we ask for help in an emergency?

·         How does Bob the builder help us?

·         What does Postman Pat do?


Celebrations: Pancake day, Spring, Mother’s Day and Easter.

Summer 1


Who goes to the ugly bug ball?

·         Why does a snail carry its house around?

·         What do tadpoles turn into?

·         Why does a Spider need a web?

·         Where did the butterfly come from?

·         Why does a Ladybird have spots?

·         Do worms have legs?

·         Where do mini beasts live?


Celebrations: Summer and life cycles.

Summer 2


Where have all the stars gone?

·         Can you see a star in the daytime?

·         Do stars make patterns?

·         How do you get to the stars?

·         What can you see in Space?

·         Could we live on another planet?

·         What is like in reception class?

·         What makes me an F1 super star?


Celebrations: Father’s Day.